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Various Companies Are Planning To Implant Microchips In Their Worker’s Hands

Well, Many British companies are planning to microchip part of their staff with reason being to boost the security and to furthermore stop these employees from accessing sensitive areas of the Enterprise. Moreover a Swedish company called the “Biohax” which supply’s human Microchip implants, stated that it is in talks with various UK legal and financial firms to implant their product in to the staff of these companies.

Furthermore a anonymous reader has reportedly said that this process is seemingly set to happen, he also added that seeing the amount of people who would be ready to willingly allow themselves to have microchips implanted in to their hands seemed far-fetched but seeing as how thousands of people have already have these chip implanted all across Europe it seems this idea is set to hit markets globally. Moreover this “Idea” can prove very beneficial for companies who are struggling with security and secrecy. If all of you’re employees are chipped you will always have access to their locations and moreover you will also know if anyone tried to bypass security of a certain sensitive area in a particular department. Furthermore the process itself is timed to be only 2 seconds. People are keen to know how many people would actually objectify this process, but seeing as how this will lead to either losing your job or to have these chips implanted, we are pretty sure people are going to stick with their jobs.

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Moving on there have also been examples of such surveillance in the past, In 2006 an Ohio surveillance firm had two employees in its secure data center implant RFIDs in their triceps, and as of last year about 80 employees at the Three Square Market in the state of Wisconsin had chips such as these implanted in their hands.

Finally Dr. StewartSouthey who is currently the Chief Medical Officer at the Biohax International says that the new technology can very well be seen as a “secure way of ensuring that a person’s digital identity is linked to their physical identity”, moreover with a syringe injecting the chip directly between their thumb and forefinger to enable near-field communication.


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