VEON BV partners with Jazz to Present, VEON, a truly free Internet Platform for Pakistan

Finally, Pakistan is set to meet its first personalized platform that is aimed at the fulfillment of the communications and internet requirements of its people.

Yes, that’s the breaking news of today. And the sun of 11 October 2017 has raised a wave of joy that inspired the VEON BV to launch this platform.

VEON Limited’s subsidiary VEON BV is partnering with Jazz Pakistan and this partnership has discovered the ways to meet the communications and internet needs of Pakistani users.

The unveiling ceremony of the platform  VEON was the part of a Press Conference and media reporters and bloggers attended that conference.

The event attended by digital media followers provided the bloggers and media reporters with an “experience zone” to use the platform.

The attendees immersed themselves in the VEON experience and experienced the first-hand benefits and features of it.

Keen to work with mobile operators VEON aims at ensuring the platform to be the protector of the privacy of its users and provides its users with an end to end encryption.

Hopefully, the experience with VEON will ensure that the right safeguards are in place to give users a safe and secure digital environment.

The reports say that VEON is seeking for the partnership opportunities with all Pakistani mobile operators.

Tech Bloggers with VEON Management During the VEON Launch event

And according to the market requirements and Pakistani laws, the platform will be localized in the future.

Chistopher Schlaffer, VEON’s Chief Commercial & Digital Officer, while speaking at the event said,

“VEON is part of our transformation strategy — from a purely telecommunications company into a telecommunication and technology company”.

He added that VEON uses data analytics and artificial intelligence and replaces the almost obsolete and inefficient bricks-and-mortar Telco service model in a convenient way making it possible to provide the users what they need at the moment.

With the passage of time,  when the VEON’s capabilities will be grown, he expects more Pakistani customers doing more on VEON’s platform.

The platform also foresees the access towards financial services in Pakistan.

The platform VEON was developed in-house by VEON BV in London and Amsterdam.

You can download it free on the Apple Store and Google Play.

VEON’s Global and local partners will send you exclusive offers, discounts and content when you install it.

All the users will be able to enjoy VEON and they will be able to access calls (VoIP) browsing within the app, messaging,  managing their Telco account, all that free of cost.




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