The technological realm is increasing rapidly especially in the context of smartphones advancement. One of the famous American mobile software firm Verizon is going to offer fastest service 5G wireless with the collaboration of Cisco, Qualcomm, Samsung and Intel, Ericson companies to formalize this technique in their advance or upcoming devices.

This wireless service first moves around eleven cities as per in the contract of 5G technology forum. The advance features and specification of smartphones fixed on a trial basis after the clarification; this software must be utilized across the market of mobile gadgets.

However, the resources of Verizon Company do not specify their exact software in the realm of releasing point of view. This news is admired on the basis of largest proving ground across the technology world that covers almost hundred cell sites those are mostly useful in the minds of thousands of consumer locations.

In the list of eleven cities, they provide the features of technology in accordance to users who are mostly interested in using this advanced tech in perspective of Internet browsing. The areas of Washington D.C, Miami, Brockton, Arbor, Dallas, Sacramento, Bernardsville, Seattle, Atlanta, and Huston would be focused for this advance scheme established fruitfully.

On the other hand, the partners of this forum Ericson and Samsung also promote this technological figure in their press release statements that they nearly provide the broadband services, cost competitive and gigabits devices speed. According to Woojune Kim, VP Samsung electronics this implementation of internet speed terms only utilize the process of fiber improvements.

Verizon is going to develop the global village with launching the fastest speed but they have competitors in the realms of Korean and Japanese software companies for becoming the first 5G producer around the world. The fact is that Verizon is the first company in the world who succeeded to launch 4G in America 2010. So, all the investors and market stakeholders keenly wait for the advance technology.

These fixed wireless pilot features are expected to utilize 28GHz and 39GHz spectrum bands for the betterment of speed. In the start of this month rival, AT&T said it expects to achieve data rates of 1 GB/s during a dual-city 5G trial by the end of 2017. AT&T’s trials are taking place in Austin, Indiana and Indianapolis, Texas.




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