One of Google’s more prized assets, its video chat app, Duo, made its debut last August. Google certainly wants to see the app flourish, proven by the fact that since its debut in last August, the app has seen the addition to some 90 features, including the likes of voice-only calling. Duo has now seen the addition of another feature – a call-log feature, which will make it possible to keep and search your call history in your regular calling app.

According to some very reliable sources, this new feature of Duo will integrate with your Android phone’s standard call log, and all your Duo video calls will be kept track of, once the app has the necessary permission granted by you. You will be able to see your Duo calls in your call log history, and these will be right next to those calls which are made from your phone app. The video calls have a little camera icon that will help you differentiate from the regular calls.

The update will not only be available on the Google Playstore, but will also be available on APKMirror, which is a third party mirror for updates such as these. This new feature by google is very impressive, and is also very innovative, proved by that little camera app, which can easily tell you which call is made for video, and which is the regular one and having all these all together in one place is very accessible for users.


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