The launch for Huawei’s upcoming flagship – the Huawei Mate 30 series has been dominated by the talks of the expected lack of Google Play Store support. The latest speculation says that it may be possible that Huawei will tell users that they would have to install Google apps on their own once they buy the Mate 30 or the Mate 30 Pro. The company is still under the US trade ban which means that Google is not allowed to do business with the Chinese manufacturer. Though this hasn’t stopped the company in teasing the upcoming series on Twitter.

The latest video teaser gives a bit of an insight as to what we can expect from Huawei and its upcoming flagship series. Amongst it all – like anyone would have imagined – is a great camera. The Mate 20 possessed amazing photography skills, however, it lagged a bit when taking into consideration low-light imaging. However, with the upcoming Mate 30 series – it seems this too is about to change.

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It is expected that both the Mate 30 and its older brother are to feature with a primary quad-camera setup, arranged in a circular manner. The latest teaser represents a string of visuals which accompany texts like “Loom beyond the light,” “See time differently,” and also : “Rethink darkness.” All of these could indicate towards improvement in low-light photography, better slow motion, as well as time-lapse shots.

The speed

The teaser also seemed to have placed quite a bit of emphasis on speed, as there were multiple references towards the subject – such as “Go fast, go large.” This could be a pointer towards the device’s expected 6.7-inch 90Hz AMOLED display. The teaser also made suggestions towards the probability that the upcoming flagship series from Huawei is to feature with the new 7nm Kirin 990 chipset that Huawei made official during IFA 2019.

The emphasis on fast charging

In the teaser, the subject of charging was also referred, with the words “Rethink charging” appearing on the video. It has been rumored that the Mate 30 Pro will carry forward features such as an improvement in reverse charging as well as an all round improvement in how quickly the devices charge.


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