Visual impairment to be aided by Samsung’s Smart Glasses

Visual impairment to be aided by Samsung’s Smart Glasses
Visual impairment to be aided by Samsung’s Smart Glasses

Visual impairment to be aided by Samsung’s Smart Glasses. Samsung does not rely on smart suits for skaters’ speedy training, and curved QLEDs only. Rather, it explores more and more ways to show the ways of innovation to the rest of the tech giants. Working with the same direction of innovations, Samsung is adding to its inventions with smart glasses that could let a person with visual impairment see the colorful world, leaving him with the extreme desire turned into reality.

Don’t believe? It might be unbelievable to many, but those with familiarity of the innovative nature of Samsung, would not take a second to trust the news.

So, let us proceed with the story because it is of most interest for all of us to make a blind person like those blessed with sight.

With its Creative Lab program Samsung lets employees explore new projects and spin off startup ideas, making devices that are result of the program intriguing.

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Next week, at CES, Samsung’s C-Lab will show off a few new projects, including

company’s Relúmĭno smart glasses. These glasses focus on helping those with vision impairments see their surroundings more clearly.

The spectacles we are talking about are the first device to build on Samsung’s Relúmĭno mobile app. Samsung’s Relúmĭno mobile app was debuted during last year’s Mobile World Congress.

Samsung’s smart glasses work in conjunction with the mobile app (so your smartphone would be doing most of the work) to improve different kinds of visual situations that pose problems for those with eyesight issues.

“Regular mode” of these smart glasses makes blurry images more clearer by deciphering the outlines of objects in the person’s view and these glasses make them more prominent for the user.

 Another mode dubbed in the smart glasses is “color invert mode”, it makes it easier for users to read text on a page or on a screen from normal distances, so they do not  have to bring the page or screen closer to their face. It also does  display text with high contrast to further improve the reading experience of the users.

While the demo video does show the technology used with a Samsung Gear VR, the company is on the way to develope Relúmĭno sunglasses as a lighter, more convenient alternative that could be used in outdoor settings.

Is your friend or someone beloved to you with visual impairment? Would not you get him/her smart glasses? What do you think about the innovation? Let us know in the comments below.


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