Visually impaired women to get 5 days training on ICT

Visually impaired women to get 5 days training on ICT
Visually impaired women to get 5 days training on ICT

Visually impaired women to get 5 days training on ICT. In Abuja, National Center for Women Development (NCWD) has started a five-day training on Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for a total of 50 participants comprising blind women & female entrepreneurs across various organisations in Nigeria.

Director-General of NCWD, Barrister Mary Ekpere-Eta, during the opening ceremony that was held at the information & communication technology department of the centre in Abuja, said that the training “will improve on their practice and knowledge of technology.”

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, in the mid of the country. The skyline of city, which was built largely in 1980s, has been dominated by Aso Rock. Aso Rock is an enormous monolith. It does rise up behind the Presidential Complex.  Presidential Complex houses the residence and offices of the Nigerian president in the Three Arms Zone on the eastern edge of this city. Nearby Abuja are the National Assembly & the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

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Ekpere-Eta said that the ICT training for the blind had been designed to expose them to the various ways ICT that can help them become self-reliant and productive.

She also said that the training for female entrepreneurs was designed for enabling them project life cycles, including the use of software projects management application for managing project’s task & schedules.

It’s important to note that Visually Impaired Persons have the same rights & opportunities, alongside  the same obligations, as every one else in the society.

She Also said, as a strategic option, ICT has the capacity to enable PVIs take advantage of the educational systems & job opportunities that are available in the country, be self-reliant & to participate actively in the economy development of the country.

Any entrepreneur says DG, with hopes for creating a sustainable business out of an idea would  realise that project management practice is the most significant skill to be mastered.

A sum of 50 participants from various organisations across the country have been selected for the very training. Each participant will be given a Laptop computer to enable them practice what they have been taught & a Stipend for transportation would also be given at the end of the program.

What is ICT stands for? Information & communication technology (ICT) is an extensional term for information technology (IT) stressing the role of unified communications and the integration of telecommunications (telephone lines & wireless signals), computers alongside the necessary enterprise software, middleware, storage, & audio-visual systems, enabling users to access, store, transmit, & manipulate information.


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