Nostalgia is one powerful emotion. It resides deep in our consciousness, shaping and molding our core selves. When strong enough, it rises in the form of significant memories.  But what’s more powerful than nostalgia? The ability to relive those memories on screen. Thanks to modern smartphones, the best of days is only a tap away. Whether in your hand or pocket or bag, these memories are one’s constant companions. To top that, reliving them in excellent quality is an added benefit, and logically, if one is to keep such a companion around, it also should reflect the personality of the owner. Bringing all of this encased in two gorgeous setups, vivo has recently launched its latest in the V series segment, vivo V23 5G and vivo V23e.

Get ready to have a look at the eye-turning features of vivo’s V23 Series – the smartphones that will remain etched in your memories for a long, long time.

Beauty Lies in The Eyes of The Beholder… And Your Front Camera

vivo V23 Series comes with a fantastic, top-quality front camera system. The 50MP AF Portrait Selfie flaunts the world’s highest camera resolution, bringing the best of selfie experiences to users. The ISOCELL 3.0 technology highly enhances the performance of the front camera. Additionally, vivo V23e automatically adjusts the focal length with the Eye Autofocus algorithm and clicks the subject in real time irrespective of the background light or movement. Furthermore, both the smartphones use the AI Night Algorithm to ensure that the facial features of the subject are visible even in extremely dark environments through the AI brightening and AI denoising tools. In vivo V23 5G, the front camera is also equipped with an extra 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera that achieves a 120° field of view, enabling the smartphone to be an industry-leading wide-angle dual front camera.

Only The Greats Know How Gorgeous Is Darkness

vivo has been constantly working to eliminate the pain points of night photography to make mobile photography a professional reality. The two smartphones in the V23 Series are a result of that hard work and dedication. vivo V23e portrays an impressive 64MP Night Camera with the support of high resolution and a large aperture. In unison with the Professional Mode, the 64MP Night Camera yields clear and high-quality images in the dark, beyond one’s expectations. The rear panel of V23 5G is equipped with a 64MP GW1 Super-Sensing Camera that has a GW1 ultra-sensing sensor with 0.8μm large pixels. It basically means that the camera is super light sensitive and reveals outstanding photos in the dark.

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A New Day, A New Design

Well, a color board that suits your personality is a fine feature but a color board that matches your mood is flexible and exciting. With vivo V23 5G, the brand has brought the Color Changing Fluorite AG Design to the back cover of mobile phones. Under sunlight, vivo V23 5G can quickly change its color to blue-green from the light gold shade. Once away from sunlight, the color also returns to its original state. Now imagine using the cover of the device for creative purposes. Users may customize the design of the case simply using sunlight as a tool- a new design for a new day. 

The Fluorite AG Glass cover also adds a hint of elegance, is comfortable to hold, but most importantly it is not easily smeared by fingerprints. Meanwhile, the V23e has a gorgeous 7.36mm Ultra Slim AG Design for users to experience a comfortable grip. Moreover, the Flat Frame Design boasts a simple and classic build of the device.

Half The Gorgeousness Resides in The Brain

vivo’s V23 Series reveals more than a brilliant camera and design. The device itself is a masterpiece. Both the smartphones are built in a way to support 44W FlashCharge capabilities that power the device in a short span of time. Moreover, they bring the Extended RAM 2.0 feature which allows users an extra 4GB RAM space.

All new vivo V23e and V23 5G are available for purchase across Pakistan.


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