Chinese company Vivo actually had one of its patents recently published by the CNIPA. This particular patent is actually for a foldable smartphone which is to make way with a full front screen body.

In accordance with the patent filed with the CNIPA, the Chinese company is indeed working on  “folding electronic equipment”. The patent in question here goes on to describe a foldable electronic device which actually includes a housing as well as a screen which would be mounted on this housing. One side of the housing happens to be a non-display area, as this region goes on to house the internal components.

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Moreover, the foldable device from Vivo is also designed so as to offer a full screen body experience, which refers to the fact that there will be no visible seems, notches or indeed chin present at the front. This of course will further be supplemented by the folding mechanism itself – making way for better reading, gaming, and an overall viewing experience – this being hinted by the supposed inward folding design. Unfortunately enough though, it is still unknown whether or not the device will have support for an in-display selfie shooter too.

For now though, it is important to keep in mind the fact that this is indeed just a patent. Hence, there is absolutely no way of knowing whether Vivo is in fact working on this product at all or whether it is covering all bases. And so, all we can do for now is to stay tuned as more and more updates will follow through sooner rather than later. Nonetheless, due to the gravity of the device in question and the innovation involved, one would have to imagine that whatever updates come through, they will be worth noting and following up on.


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