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vivo returns to the Boao Forum for Asia as Strategic Partner and Shares Views on “High-Quality Development”

From March 28 to 31, representatives from political, business, and academic circles from various countries attended the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2023 in Boao, Hainan, to discuss global development and promote international solidarity and cooperation.

This year, vivo was once again selected as a strategic partner for the event as a key representative of China’s technology innovation enterprises. The vivo X Fold2 was also chosen as the official mobile phone of the Forum, marking the deepening of cooperation between vivo and the BFA. Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President & COO at vivo, was invited to the opening ceremony and Lu Jinghui, Chief Security Officer at vivo, shared vivo’s journey and achievements in business operations and technological innovation at the sub-forum on “Strengthening Data Security” on March 31.

vivo X Fold Series and tablet PC vivo Pad2 shown in the BFA

Advocating for differentiated innovation in the mobile phone industry, vivo presents its “high-quality development” journey

Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President & COO at vivo, shared his views on “high-quality development” during Boao forum. He said that high-quality development means upholding a long-term development strategy – this requires enterprises to focus on user needs, adopt differentiated product strategies and define new markets. Hu summed up vivo’s logic of differentiation into three points: differentiate in the scenarios that users need it most; pay attention to building capabilities and continuously improve vivo’s strengths in the long-term strategic tracks of design, imaging, system and performance; and establish world-leading capabilities after differentiation, with core competencies as the economic moat of the company. After nearly three decades of hard work, vivo’s technological innovation has officially entered a new phase. Boao Forum gives vivo opportunity to high light their vison and strategy.

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Taking its differentiation strategy as the starting point, vivo focuses on its four long-term strategic tracks of design, imaging, system and performance. As a forward-looking company, vivo fully invests in the research and development of core technology in the smartphone industry and actively embraces the opportunity of technological change. In 2022, vivo continued to be the best-selling smartphone in China with a market share of 19.2%, according to Counterpoint Research. Its high-end market performance is also improving. The vivo X80 series, X90 series have all been recognized by high-end consumers. 2022 marked the year that vivo’s confidence in the high-end market was fully gained which provides the confidence and impetus for high-quality development in the future.

During the forum, Hu met with Li Baodong, Secretary General of the BFA, and presented the official mobile phone of the event, the vivo X Fold2. Hu outlined his vision for a deepened strategic cooperation with the Forum and expressed vivo’s eagerness to continue to support, serve, and stay engaged in the Forum, so as to showcase the innovation, leadership and influence of Chinese technology company on such a global platform.

Hu Baishan, Executive Vice President & COO at vivo (left) presented the official mobile phone of the event, the vivo X Fold2, to Li Baodong, the Secretary General of the BFA(right)

Adhering to user-orientation, vivo demonstrates its data security achievements on the world stage

In the era of comprehensive digital transformation, digital economy and data security have gained greater importance. Lu Jinghui, Chief Security Officer at vivo, was invited to share his insights on data security and technological innovation strengths, which are currently of most concern to the high-end consumers at the sub-forum on the theme of “Strengthening Data Security” on March 31. During the event, he introduced vivo’s protection and governance of data security and its technical achievements in the development of digital economy, and showcase how vivo actively promotes the construction of data security ecology for the mobile phone industry.

vivo returns to the Boao Forum for Asia as a strategic partner

With its adherence to long-term development strategy, vivo has made significant breakthroughs in information security. Last year, vivo unveiled the Thousand Mirror trust engine as the first in the industry to leverage based Thousand Mirror security architecture. This engine is able to conduct a comprehensive analysis and computation on all levels and provides security tools for developers such as “Privacy and Compliance Testing Platform”, “Application Security Testing Platform”, and “Code Security Scanning Plug-in”. vivo also actively participates in the compilation of national, industrial, and group standards in information security. During last year’s BFA, vivo released the “White Paper on Data Protection Compliance Trends”jointly compiled by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, aiming to help the mobile phone industry fully understand global data compliance trends and improve the data security governance. This year, initiated by vivo, two international security standards “Security features to assess mobile terminal security” and “Security guidelines for mobile terminal integrity protection” were approved at the ITU-T SG17 conference held by the International Telecommunication Union. vivo’s research and practice in the field of information security have been recognized by world authorities. As of now, the quantity of national, industrial and group standards in personal information protection and data security led and participated in by vivo has exceeded 140.

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Constant investment in the long-term strategic tracks is essential to achieving high-end breakthroughs. Focusing on innovation in fundamental technologies, vivo actively builds its competitiveness and promotes its steady development of technology through “joint innovation” and “independent innovation”, providing strong support for its transformation, upgrading and high-end breakthroughs. On this basis, vivo’s latest flagship smartphone vivo X Fold2 and tablet PC vivo Pad2 will also be launched shortly after the BFA in the Chinese domestic market. While bringing surprises to users and the market, these products will also embody vivo’s deep understanding of high-quality development in the new era and illuminate a bright future with technology.



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