Vivo, the renowned smartphone manufacturer, is set to make waves in the mobile market once again with its upcoming X100 series. Following the successful launches of the Vivo X80 and X90 lineups, the company aims to unveil the highly anticipated X100 series by the end of this year. Exciting news has recently surfaced, shedding light on the chipsets that will power the Vivo X100, X100 Pro, and X100 Pro+. Join us as we explore these revelations and delve into the rumored key specifications of the Vivo X100 Pro.

Vivo X100 and X100 Pro: Revolutionary Chipsets: According to reputable tipster Digital Chat Station (DCS), the Vivo X100 and X100 Pro are expected to boast the cutting-edge Dimensity 9300 chipset. If these reports hold true, the X100 duo will claim the distinction of being the world’s first smartphones to incorporate this remarkable chipset. Notably, their predecessors, the X90 and X90 Pro, debuted as the pioneers of the Dimensity 9200 technology back in November 2022.

Vivo X100 Pro+: Empowered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 3: Digital Chat Station also unveiled that the Vivo X100 Pro+ will be powered by the formidable Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. Qualcomm, the renowned technology company, recently announced that its much-anticipated 2023 Tech Summit is scheduled to take place from October 24 to October 26. It is widely speculated that the SD8G3 chip will be officially announced during this significant event, further enhancing the anticipation surrounding the Vivo X100 Pro+.

Continuing Excellence: The 1-inch Sony IMX989 Camera: Reports suggest that the Vivo X100 Pro+ will retain the exceptional 1-inch Sony IMX989 primary camera, previously featured in the highly acclaimed Vivo X90 Pro+. This camera module has garnered immense praise for its remarkable imaging capabilities, promising stunning photographs and videos.

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Exciting Leaks: Vivo X100 Pro Key Specs: Intriguing leaks have surfaced, providing insights into the potential key specifications of the Vivo X100 Pro. According to these leaks, the device is expected to sport a 1-inch primary camera, accompanied by a periscope telephoto camera that will offer an enhanced optical zoom experience. This innovative camera setup is set to elevate your photography to new heights. Additionally, the leak suggests that the Vivo X100 Pro will feature 100W fast charging, ensuring that your device is ready for action in no time. Complementing its advanced technology, the device is rumored to flaunt an elegant glass back, exuding sophistication and style.

Conclusion: As the release of the Vivo X100 series draws closer, the excitement among smartphone enthusiasts is palpable. The revelations regarding the chipsets powering the Vivo X100 and X100 Pro, alongside the anticipation surrounding the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset in the Vivo X100 Pro+, have set the stage for a remarkable unveiling. With the potential inclusion of the 1-inch Sony IMX989 camera, periscope telephoto lens, fast charging capabilities, and a stunning glass back, the Vivo X100 Pro is poised to capture the hearts of photography enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated smartphone series that promises to redefine excellence in the mobile industry.


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