vivo X60 Pro New Dual-Tone Step

Vivo X60 Pro 5G

Great design, top-notch cameras, smooth performance, and sustainable battery life. More or less, these are the dream features for all smartphone users to date. Generally speaking, through leaps and bounds, we have come a long way in mobile technology. Looking at the present scenario, we can say that mobile phones often deliver sharper photos and videos than a conventional camera.

vivo X60 Pro ZEISS

vivo suddenly strikes our minds when we think about camera innovation. Last year, vivo and ZEISS entered a strategic partnership to innovate mobile imaging system for vivo’s flagship smartphones, starting with the X60 series. The X series offers more powerful, comprehensive, and differentiated photography features, delivering experiences to users that can draw parallels to professional photography equipment.

Recently, vivo has launched its first X series smartphone in Pakistan with the launch of the X60 Pro. The X60 Pro arrived with vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System, inbuilt professional photography solution Gimbal Stabilization 2.0, and elegant design aesthetics. 

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It is a power-packed smartphone for professional photographers and cinematographers, especially with the Superb Night Camera 2.0 that empowers them to shoot clear and sharp images & videos even in dark surroundings. The X60 Pro is the sleekest 5G smartphone at 7.59 mm thickness. It also offers Ultra-Thin Quad-Curve Design and Ultra O Screen, ​​ all packed in one sleek body.

Sleekness redefined with Ultra O Screen

X60 Pro sports a flexible display which is much lighter and thinner compared to the other conventional smartphones. Its high durability and strength protect it from accidental damage. The flexible Ultra O Screen in the X60 Pro is an absolute treat to look at that also provides you with a wide and immersive view to fulfil all your entertainment needs. 

The 3.96 mm front camera punch hole is strategically placed in the centre of the display to provide a more natural and enhanced experience while taking selfies or shooting videos. The X60 Pro offers a stunning, eye-catching design that is not only elegant but also practical. Its 3D curvature makes it thinner, lighter, and offers users a strong grip, making it more comfortable to hold.

vivo X60 Pro 5G

Additional comfort with New Dual-Tone Step design

Adding to the overall aesthetics, the New Dual-Tone Step of the camera module enhances the appearance of the device, making it more than just a phone – a design accessory. The New Dual-Tone Step comes with an interesting three-camera arrangement, wherein the flash is located on the first layer of the glass, and the cameras are located on the layers below. 

In a world where most smartphones share a similar design and form factor, the X60 Pro offers a clean and refreshing look. The enhanced appearance of the camera design strongly reflects ambition, confidence, and elegance, making it the perfect smartphone.

A strong performer in a Sleek body and choker design 

The vivo X60 Pro runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 to ensure superior performance and power efficiency. Packed with 12GB extended RAM and 256GB ROM, the X60 Pro is sleek with a new curved display​ that provides a sturdier and fuller​ performance to beat the industry standards.

vivo X60 Pro is designed to capture the dazzling moments of life with a professional camera setup that looks stellar with the New Dual-Tone Step design. The X60 Pro comes adorned with a choker- a beautiful band that runs along the top edge of the smartphone. 

The smartphone reflects vivo’s design inspiration that emphasizes overall elegance and simplicity. The sleek body provides style and sharpness to not just the handset but also the user. The smartphone is here to add confidence to do any task with full power and flaunt the results.

Head in the clouds with AG Glass 

X60 Pro embraces the latest AG Glass with a satin finish that feels smooth to touch. Its hazy texture adds subtle luxury to the device, reflecting the sparkling tones of silver under the light. The stunning visuals combined with the excellent in-hand feel directly complements the smartphone’s high performance, making it a truly aspirational device to have!

Earthy tones and graceful hues from paradise 

X60 Pro is a well-thought-out smartphone in terms of every single feature. vivo, as a consumer-centric brand, understands the importance of colours and how they can uplift people’s mood. The X60 Pro’s Black and Blue colour variants offer a soothing, peaceful appearance to the device. The graceful hues produced when light hits the back surface inspire creativity, passion and joy.


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