Vivo has just recently gone on to release its latest midrange smartphone in the Vivo Y51. The Chinese company has yet again blessed the smartphone world with another option when it comes to the mid-range segment of the market – a market which of course includes the Pakistani one as well. Indeed the brand that has already developed as a major player in the country has of course further strengthened its position within the market space.

Here, we will look at the specs that are brought to us by the Chinese OEM – and of course we’ll have a glance and look at the features that make the Vivo Y51 all so special.

The display

As is the case with pretty much all the smartphones across the globe – regardless of them falling under the mid-range bracket, we all expect and perhaps take for granted a good display – and no different is the case here. Indeed the latest device from Vivo makes its way with a huge 6.38-inch AMOLED display that features with a 1080×2340 pixels resolution. The key highlight here of course is the fact that Vivo has gone on to introduce an AMOLED panel within the smartphone – and considering the fact that it is indeed a mid-range device, this factor alone is impressive to say the very least.

On the other side, the water drop notch that the phone has integrated within so as to house the selfie camera is also of course highlighted when you have a look towards the display. Also, while In-display fingerprint scanners were not so long ago limited to only the top end devices within the smartphone market as was the case only with the flagship devices, this is no longer the case as the mid-range smartphones too now have In-display scanners integrated within. The phone also makes way with the option of an always-on-display : as more and more manufacturers now seem to take interest in this feature too.

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The processing capabilities

The smartphone from Vivo features with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor. Of course the fact that the device makes way with a Snapdragon 600-series process too is of no surprise since this is after all a mid-range phone. Of course when taking into consideration the concept of mid-range processors in mid-range devices, one might even say that the hands of many manufacturers are tied due to the ever increasing prices that Qualcomm now imposes on its chipsets – and one can imagine then that the same was the case here as Vivo employs the Snapdragon 665 processor.

Nonetheless, the Snapdragon 665 processor is coupled with four gigs of RAM – all in all which will make way for very decent processing capabilities, even though it is only a mid-range phone. The phone will not only be able to carry out day to day processing with significant ease, but it will also enable and allow users to indulge in gaming on the smartphone. This four gigs of RAM is coupled with 128 gigs of internal storage. Also, the smartphone has a microSD card slot integrated within so as to allow users to add up to 256 gigs of more storage.

The camera setup

The Vivo Y51 features with a quad camera setup on the rear side. Within this quad camera setup, the phone has a 48MP primary sensor integrated within that happens to be coupled with f/1.8 lens. To follow up with the primary sensor of course, other cameras include an 8MP image sensor with an ultra-wide lens, a 2MP macro camera, and finally : a 2MP portrait shooter. The dedicated camera app that is available within the device in itself is pretty impressive to say the least – as it includes features such as palm capture, voice control, slow-motion recording, super macro, super night mode and also, AI face beauty. On the front, a 16MP snapper is present which of course is housed within the notch that exists within.

Other features

While the processing capabilities as well as the display and the camera setup are rather decent to say the very least, this all wouldn’t have been too useful had there not been a decent enough battery to go along – and Vivo has made sure that this isn’t the case, as the Chinese manufacturer has integrated within a device a 4500-mAh battery that would and should last you a day easily. Indeed to go along with this big battery, the phone also features with the support for 18W fast charging.

Other features of course include the likes of dual-band Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The phone as you’d imagine is charged through a USB Type-C port and also goes on to make its way with a 3.5mm headphone audio jack. The phone runs of Android 10 – which of course is based on the latest offering from Google in the Android 10.


The Vivo Y51 is priced around PKR 36,999 and when you take into consideration the various types of features that the phone makes way with – in terms of course of the camera setup, the display, a huge battery life and all other features that you’d imagine within a mid-range phone in 2020 – you’d say that the price tag is well justified. Exactly how successful the phone ends up being for Vivo, only time will tell. But with the rich features and a justifiable price tag – it wouldn’t be too audacious to suggest that the phone will indeed be a success – at least for the foreseeable future.


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