So the Chinese brand Vivo looks set for another addition in the arsenal of phones that they have created over the years and we may see this addition very soon. One of the more popular series of the company, the Z series had already 6 phones in the series lineup with latest of their creations being the Vivo Z3x. Now information new mobile phone has emerged which is reportedly called the Vivo Z5x. The leak came from a post made on Weibo and the post not only reveals some of the phone’s upcoming features but in addition, also shows us a live photo of the device

Moreover, judging by the picture, one of the biggest change that the company is making in the Z series with the addition of the Z5x is probably the phone’s display. While previous models have had a notch which was the styles of waterdrop or wide, the Z5x will have a punch hole in its display for the camera. In the image shown in the post, the Z5X is pictured beside another phone which doesn’t have a notch or punch hole. Save for the punch hole in the Vivo Z5X’s display, both phones are nearly identical.

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In addition to things, a source has come out and stated that the upcoming device will pack a 5,000mAh battery which will make the Z5x the phone with the biggest battery in the Z series. From the image, it seems Vivo has been able to keep the thickness of the phone under check however, which is surprising and honestly impressive, given the massive capacity of the battery.

There is still a lot to be given out regarding the details about the phone but a pattern is definitely shaping and we are bound to hear more on the subject. It is also worth mentioning that there are speculations concerning the device, that the upcoming phone may possibly come with a Snapdragon 675 processor. A release date is yet to be confirmed, so we urge all users to be patient as we will keep you updated with all the news regarding the phone in a discussion.


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