Vladimir Putin vows ‘as in 1945, victory will be ours’

Vladimir Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin on Sunday vowed that “as in 1945 victory is ours” while he celebrated the former Soviet nations to mark the anniversary of the 77th year of Nazi Germany’s defeat during World War II.

“Today our soldiers, like their ancestorsdid, are fighting together to free their homeland from Nazi filth, with the belief that, like in 1945 victory will be the victory of our own,” said Putin, who has sent Russian forces into Ukraine in February.

“Today we are all on a common responsibility to stop the return of Nazism that brought so much suffering for the people from different nations,” said Putin.

He also said that he was hoping “new generations could have the capacity to live up to the legacy of their grandparents and fathers”.

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Putin has also made numerous reference not only to soldiers, however also civilians from the “home front … who crushed Nazism at the expense of numerous sacrifices”.

“Sadly this moment, Nazism is rearing its head yet again,” charged Putin who has repeatedly stated that Ukraine is under the control of fascism and poses a threat to Russia and the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine’s eastern region, that Moscow declares that it is “liberating”.

“Our fundamental duty is to stop the ideological successors to those who lost” during World War II, which Moscow calls “the great war of the patriotic spirit” Putin said. Putin in his call to Russians to “take revenge”.

He also expressed his wish to “all people of Ukraine an unharmed and peaceful future”.

The following Monday Moscow celebrates the triumph over Nazi Germany by presenting an huge army parade.

Vladimir Putin, Russia has justified its war in Ukraine which was announced on the 24th of February as an “special action” that aims to “demilitarise” in order to “de-nazify” its neighbor which is a former Soviet republic that declared its independence in 1991.


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