VRcade: An Opening for aspiring Self entrepreneurs

VRcade: An Opening for aspiring Self entrepreneurs

The virtual reality portal gate is growing larger by every passing minute. Soon the VRcade technology will deeply be integrated into our daily lives. It’s a gradual take over that has a stable funding to stand up on. The VR/AR industry has been enjoying nine consecutive quarter of increased investments.

Companies are pushing VR tech to combine it seamlessly with our day to day life and it’s not all for nought. During 2016, mainstream venture capitalists invested a record $2.3 billion in virtual and augmented reality start-ups. The tech advisor at Digi- Capital says that last $500 million dollars came through as funding in the last three months.

The VR tech fills many gaps in the business, teaching and social activities but it gains popularization because of its entertainment functions. Naturally, the bigger slice of the cake of the VR market share goes to gaming. This segment is only going to grow from here, according to an estimate it will be worth $45 billion by 2025.while the US and China are the largest geographic markets the VR system is beginning to grow on other nations as well. VR arcades commonly called VRcades have been popping up in central cities.

In 2016 IMAX theatres announced their plans to open up six VR cinemas by the end of this year. The IMAX cinemas are known for their large cinemas with amazing graphics and color payouts. The VR market has a high customer demand because as if of the moment purchasing a home system is not budget friendly.

At January’s Consumer Electronics Show, Viveport President and HTC Senior Vice President Rikard Steiber unveiled HTC’s plans to open more than 5,000 VRcades started from 1000 in China. The VR boom has many consistencies with the internet bubble of the 90’s which also implies that it comes with job opportunities and investment prospects. Steiber hopes that this expansion will be the new internet cafés of the VR age.

This is an opening that used if you’re looking to become a self-entrepreneur. One does not have to be a tech expert to run this business after all Jack Ma never learned to code but some basics points must be considered.

The Ground Concept

The basic concept is very simple. You need physical space where you rent out VR and charge for each experience. If it’s chic and well kept it’s a good place to throw parties and plan meet ups too. Oculus, HTC, Samsung Gear and Google Daydream are among the biggest manufacturers today.

How to Make this Work (Vrcade)

Deliver compelling content.

A VR experience is a mix you need to keep adding to id you want to maintain and further its flavour. If it’s socially engaging it will not only attract more people, it will make sure they return. The most important aspect is providing experiences with aptly planned timing and tenor.

Appeal to a wide range of demographics

This also calls for addressing the whole pool of customers. The Brookhaven Experience,” an interactive zombie-shooting thriller, is ideal for adults. Avatarico’s latest, “Alice in Wonderland Stories: Crazy Clockwork,” is geared for children. An engaging VRcade has something for everyone.


At the end of it, all the VRcade is a real estate business. The location of your VRcade matters almost as much as the content and food it can provide. A good place to start is in a proximity of another business that has a good consumer traffic.


Advertising and market promotion of your arcade is also very vital. Like, hearts, check ins and Instagram lives to attract the customer. A good internet connectivity also enables the customer to share in real time. It creates interactive opportunities for potential customers while adding to the buzz about the VRcade the benefits of an online marketing should not be taken lightly.

Professional resources.

Opening a VRcade is a lot of work. Fortunately, established companies can ease you into the process.

Barcelona-based Avatarico has built a model to help budding VR entrepreneurs launch their own VRcades. To date, Avatarico has facilitated the launch of 64 VRcades worldwide, with an estimated average ROI of around six months.

Avatarico owns the process from beginning to end — including scene-writing, programming, selling and promotion. Creating team-oriented games with specific goals, memorable plots and puzzles is a great way to develop buzz around your VRcade

Do your research and try to make your content very exclusive. You will find that right now there aren’t many VRcades in your area so you can tap into the pool as much as you fancy.


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