It has not even been a while since we heard young Muhammad Amir, currently aged 27 and being within his prime years, deciding that he would rather concentrate on white ball cricket and retired from Test Cricket. At the current state of the Pakistan Cricket Team and the World Test Championship underway, it was necessary to have experienced pacers who could be utilized to improve Pakistan’s ranking in Test Cricket, which is abysmal to say the least.

Just when people had gotten over the retirement of Amir, Wahab Riaz followed suit. Aged 34, Wahab Riaz did have a few golden years left in him and could have helped Pakistan be competitive in the World Test Championship but decided against it. Both have been criticized for being selfish and ‘setting a bad example’ for all the youngsters who are ready to get into the Pakistan team. This would make it difficult for Pakistan to be considered a good Test team which it hasn’t been known for quite some time.

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The major reason behind the recent retirements could well be the growing popularity of white ball cricket and tournaments around the world being held throughout the year is evidence of that. Players able to earn quite a lot of cash just by playing t20 or 50 overs, they have considered test cricket not important enough and since everything is about money, players have lost the passion and intensity of the game that was found in the legends of the game.

Wahab himself has been a successful test bowler with admirable stats of having 83 Test wickets to his name in 27 matches with a career-best of 5/63. When a player knows the format of the game very well and has such good stats, he automatically becomes a idol for the youngsters who look upto him for advice, but this news right here, its very disappointing.

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