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Warning: Change your Twitter password to secure your account

Warning Change your Twitter password to secure your account. Recently, Twitter has admitted that a monumental security blunder has been made by the company that’s why the company could not help exposing the passwords of the users. However there is  no any indication for the root of the blunder or the number of users affected due to it.

Though the company claims not to receive any indication of a security breach tied to the log containing those very login credentials, we should be careful about our accounts.

To secure your Twitter account immediately, what we should do is just to change our passwords on Twitter and other accounts where we do repeat that passwords.

To change your Twitter password, go to Twitter.com on the web and click your profile image in the upper right.

Go to Settings and choose privacy and wait until the next page loads.

Now select Password in the list running down the left side.

First reply Twitter with your existing password and then put your new password when asked.

If you are using Twitter from the mobile app, you have to Tap your profile photo at the upper left to later choose Settings and then privacy. Then choose Account that is followed by ‘Change password’.

In both cases, ensure using a strong, and unique password and try not to repeat them between multiple services, apps, & online accounts.

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Also remember that a a password alone is not enough of a wall between you and badly intentious people with tech smarts. So alongside changing your password, it requires enabling the company’s login verification feature to lock down your account to the fullest extent possible.

This is a two-factor authentication process that can either send a code to your cell phone number whenever a new device attempts signing into your account with the correct password, or you can generate your own code within a third-party application –like Authy–made specifically for that purpose. However the latter approach is safer.

In case you are on web, click your profile icon, and click Settings and choose privacy.

Then choose Account and then Set up login verification. For mobile users there’s an extra step to be taken here where they will have to tap on the Security section inside Settings & privacy.

Later on, read the overview instructions, then click Start. Then enter your password and click Verify.

Now click Send code to add your phone number if you have selected that verification method.

After that enter the verification code that is sent to your phone.

Hit Submit. Then login verification will be enabled.

If you want to use athird-party app to generate secure login codes, just click or tap your profile icon, then click Settings and privacy and then choose the Account tab.

To get started, under Security & next to Login verification, click the Review your login verification methods button.

Now enter your password and click Confirm and proceed with looking for Mobile security app to see a Set up next to it.

Now you have to read the instructions and then hit Start and you will verify your password if asked to do so.

Shown a QR code?  Scan it with the app that will generate your Twitter login code. Once that is done, you will see the app automatically generate a six-digit code. The code gets changed every 30 seconds.

Just enter the currently active code in the Security code text field & click Done.

You can choose any of the Authy, Google Authenticator ,

Microsoft Authenticator, and LastPass Authenticator app to generate login codes.

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