After the wait we endured for the two months of the beta testing, Waze for Android Auto is now officially here, including everything that we love about the app, and much, much more. To say that it has been a long wait would be an understatement. The beta invites for Waze for Android Auto were sent out all the way back to April, and it wasn’t until June came around the corner that the beta testers actually received the rollout. Now, after beta testing that took several months, it finally looks as if the app is here; and is indeed ready for everyone. From today onwards, provided with you having the compatible vehicle present, you can quite easily download and use the Google-owned navigation to your advantage.

If you already have the Waze app present on your mobile phone, then just make sure that it is the latest version. If you’ve updated the app, the process is quite straightforward: simply connect your phone to your Android Auto-compatible car, and you should be able to launch it right on your in-car display. Similar to its mobile app, Waze for Android not only gives you updates on accidents, but also delays, police sightings, and hazard reporting, which is based on the feedbacks of other drivers.

As we and pretty much everyone expected, Waze also supports voice commands, which basically means that the voice control button inside your vehicle can quite easily be activated to ask for directions. Similarly to Google Maps, you can also save home and work addresses, as well as places which have been frequently visited by you.


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