While the Advanced levels as well as Ordinary levels examinations have been terminated indefinitely by the Cambridge International Examinations board, it is said that secondary school pupils might still have to wait until January before they can return to schools – as we become more and more aware of the importance of social distancing. Indeed so as to make sure that such rules are followed strictly, schools are looking on wards towards an even bigger delay. With that said, it can even be said that the A and O level exams might further be delayed for the next year as well.

Indeed it has been reported that the exams might be pushed from the usual month of May to as far as July of 2021. Also, taking into consideration what the government has said over all the precautionary methods as well as rules that are to be followed, teacher unions have warned that more and more pupils might only be able to return part-time in the month of September.

More fears are following through that schools that are present with limited space as well as cramped up dining areas and corridors may only open until January; not before that.

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Parents have also been warned and told to expect of sudden closures as the new outbreaks with regards to the virus continue to occur. If indeed this turns out to be the case, it would almost certainly mean that exams will in fact be cancelled completely and the grades will just be given out based on previous academic performances of students.

As students and parents continue to get used to the idea of children staying home for prolonged periods of time, there was a survey carried out recently in the UK which suggested that 59 percent of parents believed that their child is happier being home-schooled.


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