We now have a confirmed release date over the OnePlus 7T Pro Maclaren Edition

OnePlus 7T Pro
We now have a confirmed release date over the OnePlus 7T Pro Maclaren Edition

The OnePlus 7T Pro Maclaren Edition will be available across Europe starting the fifth of November, as OnePlus has once again given the opportunity to those who are fans of both the company as well as Maclaren to enjoy a product that sees both the companies collaborating with one another.

One thing to note is the fact that OnePlus has acknowledged this device to be a limited edition one. What this means is that once it goes out of sale, it won’t be coming back. If you’d like to be noted on the availability, then this can be easily seen on OnePlus’ official website.

So how exactly does the OnePlus 7T Pro differ from the normal OnePlus 7T Pro? Well, in the most basic of terms, the only major changes come in the form of RAM and the design. With the OnePlus 7T Pro Maclaren Edition, users will be able to access 12 gigs of RAM. On the normal edition of the device on the other hand, only a maximum of eight gigs was made available by the Chinese manufacturer. As far as the design change is concerned, with this edition, you get a funky makeover with orange accents and a black body that comes with a wood grain/oil smear-like effect.


Also, there will be a few extras that will be available in the box when compared with the normal edition. For example, in the carbon fiber-style box that the Maclaren Edition device comes in will include a recolored Warp Charge 30T charger, along with an orange fabric USB-C cable, as well as an exclusive alcantara case to top it all off.

Of course being a limited edition device, one would have expected it to be more expensive when compared with the normal edition – and so is the case. In the UK for example, the device costs £100 more than the regular version. As far as pricing in other markets is concerned, we’ll get to know more soon.


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