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What to wear as a wedding guest; summers!

What to wear as a wedding guest. Being a wedding guest in summer make us bother about dressing at the event and it is always a fun for the girls to go out to decide a dress by judging the right one that is suitable not only with the body stature of a girl but also the season too. But one thing that girls should always keep in mind is that channeling their personal style and choosing wedding guest dresses that make them feel the most confident and comfortable is important than the dresses spread all over in the markets.

However, acknowledging trends each season is another great way to step outside your comfort zone if you want to try something new hut you can enjoy those new trends by mixing up with your own designs. But if you’re already the trend-following kind, it’s up to you. Here we are mentioning some trends that you can adopt fully or take inspiration from, to get ready to be a summer wedding guest by mixing the inspiration with your own created design.


Keep always in mind that colour is a great way to stand out as a wedding guest and opportunity to experiment with hues you don’t normally wear. This summer, yellow has proven to be a shade on the rise from pale to vibrant. Despite looking imposing to other guests, variations of the color compliment a range of skin tones, though, we are all for the boldest shades like dandelion &chartreuse.

Puffy Shoulders

Puffy shoulders make you look dramatically different as the trend. Girls seeking attention are drawn to those kind of shoulders from ‘80s-inspired minis to romantic midi & maxi dresses that channel the Old West.  There is a version of puffy shoulders from bold colors and splashy prints, to bohemian-style prints.

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Comfortability ofthe dress is the key to the dresses in the summers and it becomes the especially important component if you’re the type to show off your moves on the dance floor. So, eyelet is the perfect way you can choose to look feminine and romantic for a wedding. As we know that the eyelet is timeless so girls can keep any dress in the fabric in rotation for the next seasons.


Don’t like a fussy dress for weddings?  Opt out for Slip dress to look sophisticated and fashion-forward as ever. Slinky spaghetti straps to cowl necks and halter necklines are fun with this dressing. But you can also choose to layer an elegant blazer over top in a tonal color.

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses with options for you to choose from flutter sleeves, cascading ruffles or a tiered skirt are also not to be ignored when deciding for a wedding guest dress. These dresses are often more demure in shape that’s why ideal for a wedding at a church.


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