The USA is undergoing hard times at the moment and the year 2020 has proven to be a big burden for the US government and the citizens of the country. The USA are currently facing a vast number of issues, like much of the globe, the Corona Virus has proven deadly for USA and in top of that reports are coming in which show that the country should be vary of a possible hurricane which my strike the us borders in the coming days. The recent killing of one, George Floyd has worsened the situation with protests erupting nationwide, with people coming out against black people oppression. Weathering Crisis, US questions it’s invincibility.

Moreover, the George Floyd case is one which has shocked the US people and with that in mind, it has resulted in a very hostile response from the public. A man who was reportedly drunk, was reported outside a shop for using fake money. Now, even if the charge was legit and correct, security protocol should have just been to talk with him, ask him questions and if things got out of hand, to arrest him. However, Chauvin a police sergeant however, had other plans. He firstly knocked Mr. Floyd on the ground and then put his knee to his neck which resulted in the death of the black gentleman.

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This shocking has in turn lead to nationwide protests with people coming out against the unlawful oppression of the police force towards black people. Aljazeera, has reported that protests have erupted in over 350 cities in the USA and this has resulted in acts of vandalism in the major cities of the US. In addition, civilians are very hostile towards the police and have shown great anger towards the government who have failed to take action against such acts of racism. People are enraged and have shown resentment and this in turn has caused a very serious situation to evolve in the country. Such is the level of intensity of these protests that the White House witnessed a total blackout and it is reported that President Trump had to be taken in to the emergency bunker for safety. The situation has been made worse with the hostile comments on Twitter by the nation’s President and this shows the lack of empathy the government has for its people.

In addition, the Corona Virus issue has also created much problems in the states. As it stands, In the USA, there have been 1,831,435 confirmed cases and 106,180 deaths with 463,822 people recovering from the virus, the government is finding it hard to control the current situation made by the pandemic and the medical department amongst others is facing difficulty to keep up with the number of patients increasing everyday.

As some states in the United States start the process of reopening after the coronavirus lockdown, a stronger-than-normal hurricane season could put added pressure on resources that are already stretched thin.If the predictions are right, the Atlantic hurricane season could see as many as six major storms this year.Under normal circumstances, just one storm can wreak havoc – now the problem is compounded by a pandemic that is still not under control.


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