Many were curious as to why they were logged out of Facebook as many all across the internet faced the issue thereby which they were logged out of their respective apps on Friday night.

If indeed this also happened to you, then you are not at all alone. Users subsequently flocked to Twitter where they made use of the hashtags #SoFacebopk and #FacebookDown as it quickly became a top trending topic.

Facebook proceeded on to blame a configuration change for logout and proceeded on to confirm to USA Today that some users were indeed having problems. Indeed the company took note of the issue and said : “We’re looking into reports that some people are currently having to login again to access their Facebook accounts. We believe that this was due to a configuration change and we’re working to get things back to normal quickly as possible.”

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But much to the efficiency and appreciation of many, not too long after the problem occurred, Facebook took upon itself to fix the issue on Saturday, just a little while later after the problem first occurred. This was let known to the world after the company posted a tweet mentioning exactly the same fact while it also posted on Facebook that the issue had indeed been resolved. But even with this said, some users responded to the tweet by claiming that they were still unable to log in.

In accordance with a website which has the capabilities to track outages, thousands and thousands of users actually reported problems with Facebook on Friday. While some users did indeed manage to log back in without too much trouble, other users actually said that they were waiting to receive a code from the social media giant. And so, with respect to the astounding amount of people that use the social media giant everyday, as one would have imagined, the issue is still being highlighted to much a heightened degree.


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