What countries have the best developers?

Computer programming has certainly grown in the past few years with many now seriously considering the field as a pathway to their success. If you happen to have an interest in the ways and means of computer programming, you would have definitely wondered as to which county produces the best programmers and developers all over the world.

A recent report from HackerRank – which happens to be a California-based service, has claimed in a report which ranked more than a million and a half developers that China is on top of the pecking order. The Chinese are then followed by Russia and Poland. Bring ranked a 100 out of a 100, Russia closely follows  China, staking up a very impressive score of 99.9 out of 100.


China has indeed managed to out class all other counties in various fields : including that of mathematics, data structure as well as functional programming challenges. On the other hand, Russia dominated in the algorithm side of things – which was the most challenging aspect appearing in the various fields tested.

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The top ten in the list consist of China, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan, Taiwan, France, Czech Republic and finally, Italy.

One would have imagined that both India and China would be close to the top ten list, as both the countries have the highest number of participants on the website – however, both of them performed poorly to say the least. The US was ranked 28th on the list, while India managed to attain a position which ranks it 31 on the list.

Pakistan also managed to get in the top 50 – securing a position right at the 50th spot. While this might not seem too impressive, compare this with the position that the US and India have managed and you will see exactly how progressive the field of programming has been in Pakistan – especially when you consider the lack of resources when compared with powerhouses such as the US. No doubting the fact that there is room for improvement and given the proper resources, there is no reason as to why developers from Pakistan can’t challenge the very best around the globe.

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