While advancements in technology have made our lives much easier, and new inventions and innovations are only likely to carry out this process of making life much more easier, there aren’t only benefits that we will see or are seeing. Indeed one example of too many advancements is a rather simple but concerning one : the fact that many jobs will sooner rather than later become obsolete.

Hence, if at this current moment in time, you are looking for a career move or are witnessing a rather rapid decline in the industry that you currently happen to be employed in, it is vital for you to continually seek job security in whatever field you decide on. While some particular sectors as well as industries do happen to be rapidly growing within the economy, many others are likely to quickly die and have a dismal future ahead.

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Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, many workers were on the receiving end of the news that their jobs simply aren’t considered as being “essential” by the government, and hence these workers were forced to adopt two things : either work from home or be laid off.

With all that has happened, not just in the working community of various industries, perhaps one of the most frustrating factors if not the most frustrating factor of this pandemic happens to be the fact that it came out of nowhere, and there was very little that any one of us could have done so as to being prepared for it ahead of time.

As a direct consequence of both market volatility as well as the quickly and rapidly changing job industries, it actually happens to be rather essential that people all across the globe evaluate their current or indeed their future career’s heath before ending up making any substantial life changes. Over the course of the past few years, it has been observed by many that there does happen to be a significant push for the sake of both automation as well as artificial intelligence. As a result of this, many typical labor jobs may soon end up being chopped off the block.

In any case though, here we’ll have a look at some of the very top industry trends so as to come up with a rather comprehensive list of the jobs that are in particular in danger of quickly dying out over the next few years – and hence those industries that you should end up avoiding.

  1.  Taxi drivers

All across the globe, both Uber as well as other transportation apps such as Careem and Lyft have been gaining a substantial amount of popularity. While this has meant that the way in which we travel is now easier, it also means that the traditional taxi driver who works for a taxi company is on the verge of facing extinction.

  1.  Bank Tellers

While in the past bank tellers have indeed been associated with having a stable and important job, this isn’t at all the case anymore. Indeed both automation as well as artificial intelligence is quickly replacing this long standing job.

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Indeed most loans in the current day and age can be completed via the use of an app, while checks can be deposited directly via your mobile phone. And as far as cash transactions go : the automatic teller machine can now increasingly perform much more complicated tasks which previously were subject to being completed by a human being.

  1.  Cashiers

While there may always be the need to keep at least one cashier in a store for the sake of price check issues or indeed other common purchasing problems, all in all, it can in fact be said that the standard cashier job is indeed in danger. As of now, self-checkout machines as well as the move towards digital currency are quickly in the process of automating the jobs that were once employed by Cashiers.

  1.  Telemarketers

While the going away of telemarketers might not at first seem like too bad a thing, this simply does not mean that we will no longer end up receiving unsolicited phone calls.

Right now, most of the telemarketing calls that are conducted are indeed done so via the aid of automation and switched over to a person when specific criteria ends up being met. However, those that happen to find themselves in the telemarketing industry are in an active process to automate even the current human process.

  1.  Watch repairers 

When it comes to the jobs of watch repairers, there are significant concerns. Perhaps a major concern comes due to the fact that many people are now switching towards smartwatches so as to integrate with their phones. A problem for traditional watch repairers here is the fact that smartwatches are usually a bit too complex to fix, and hence they must be sent back to the manufacturer.

And also, considering the fact that because automation is replacing many in the manufacturing industry as well, traditional watches will tend to get more and more cheaper, while at the same time, watch repair costs will tend to increase.

  1.  Bus drivers

As driverless cars are now taking over with the Tesla vehicles and with other companies to follow soon, it won’t be too long before we see public transportation too following a similar suite. And so, it won’t be too long before we see that traditional bus drivers will end up being replaced by driverless transportation so as to increase efficiency and also lower government costs.

How concerning is the situation?

All in all though, for many industries and employees, in particular the ones mentioned above, the situation is indeed very concerning. While we won’t suddenly see a boost of automation and Artificial intelligence just spontaneously taking over the world, it seems that everything is in fact all in motion and that it won’t be too long before we see artificial intelligence and automation in almost every industry. 


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