According to analysts, In Udaipur the Hindu tailor’s murder and a Muslim confession are an attempt to deflect anger against Muslims

As a result of two BJP spokespeople attacking Islam earlier this month, the true face of Hindutva fascism in India and its brutal ambitions against its Muslim minorities was revealed.

They knew they had to do something to divert the anger aimed at them by Muslim nations and other countries as well since the architects of the hate speech used it as a tool to suppress the already alienated Muslims.

According to the Udaipur incident video’s viral status on social media and the response that followed, it was part of a ruse.A more outrageous attempt to change the tide could not be made, say analysts. The victim, Kanhaiya Lal, was initially arrested over inappropriate social media postings but his charges were later dropped.

As a result of his arrest, he became well-known in the community. Despite his requests to the authorities involved, he did not receive police protection.

Muslims, who were regarded as a minority suppressed by the government, were projected as terrorists.

The Modi administration has a history of crossing all boundaries to divert people’s attention. At the time of the Pulwama incident, it was necessary to divert attention from the Rafale jet scandal and to achieve support from Hindu lower castes.

Then own people attacked the Kabul temple to shed a bad light on the Sikh community.

Experts believe that Modi administration needs to stop this devilish game, as well. Udaipur incident should be investigated with an impartial authority.

In parallel campaigns against Islam or Indian Muslims must be seized and the investigation of the identity of two individuals who carried out the crime, and who made it popular through social networks.


The BJP government’s decision to turn a blind to the campaign and encouraging hatred can result in more of these incidents.

The whole Muslim world is concerned about the growing Islamophobia wave in India and is a very dangerous trend not only for India, but for the entire region and the world.

The timeline of the Udaipur incident:

  • May 27, 2012: Reporter Muhammad Zubair posted Nupur Sharma’s video on Twitter
  • June 5, 2006: Iran, Kuwait and Qatar were summoned by an Indian ambassador to register their protest
  • July 7 Nupur Sharma was detained and given security by the state.
  • 9. June NSA Ajit Doval called an Iranian Envoy and promised action against the perpetrators
  • June 10, protests broke out throughout India
  • 11 June Kanhaiya Lal was arrested after backing Sharma on Twitter
  • 16. June Kanhaiya Lal was released from jail after five days
  • The 17th of June: Riaz captured a clip of the threat to Lal and released it following the murder
  • June 27, 2007: Muhammad Zubair was arrested
  • June 28, 2009: Ghous Mohammed as well as Riaz executed Lal in Udaipur
  • June 29, 2006: Two suspects were detained, along with five others


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