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What’s the reason? Samsung and Qualcomm’s agreement will make Samsung Galaxy S23 way more exciting

What’s the reason? Samsung and Qualcomm’s agreement will make Samsung Galaxy S23 way more exciting

Samsung has stepped up its collaboration with Qualcomm which enhances the adoption of Qualcomm’s chips and networking technologies in Samsung hardware. However, the most significant benefit of the announcement is that the share of Snapdragon chips within the premium Galaxy smartphones is increasing and that share of Exynos is set to decrease even more. This is great news regarding users of the Samsung Galaxy S23.
Qualcomm’s announcement says that both companies have agreed to strengthen their partnership by expanding the use of “Snapdragon platforms to support future top Samsung Galaxy products, including tablets, computers, smartphones extended reality and more.” But, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon declared on the earnings call that there is more Snapdragon silicon is coming to Galaxy smartphones as well as Exynos is on the way out.

Speaking in relation to the flagship Galaxy devices, Amon mentioned, “We were 75% on Galaxy S22 prior to the deal. It’s worth thinking about that we’ll be more efficient than we were on Galaxy S23 and beyond.” In order to really emphasize the message the Qualcomm head ended with “Think about the possibility of us powering their devices worldwide.”

The Exynos against Qualcomm battle is put to one side.

To be reminded, Samsung has historically split the production of its flagship smartphones between Exynos along with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. The caches that was sold in countries like that of the U.S. had the latest top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon chip inside, however, the models designed for markets such as India and Europe were equipped using Samsung’s internal Exynos chip.

To put it simply there were some who weren’t satisfied with spending a lot of money for an Galaxy flagship that has a weak chip. There’s no shortage of benchmarks and videos that prove Exynos chips’ performance. Exynos chips struggled to compete with the raw performance of the comparable Qualcomm silicon.

However, it’s not the only issue. Heating is another problem in this model. Exynos variant of Samsung flagship phones that has been a constant source of concern throughout the year. DxOMark’s deep-dive testing has also revealed that Snapdragon variant of Galaxy flagships is the best in terms of camera performance when compared to Exynos models. Additionally, some users have complained of GPS issues as well as random performance jitters that have been reported on Exynos models throughout the years.

Restoring the Galaxy S23 from Exynos heat

This is why people even started an petition against Samsung selling Exynos processors in its flagship Galaxy phones. Naturally, Exynos-powered flagships have gained a not-so-popular reputation. This is the Galaxy S22 series is the most recent example of how chip problems have been carried on to an upcoming generation of phones to be released in 2022.

It appears like Samsung has been through with its issues and complaints. The strengthening of its relationship in partnership Qualcomm can be seen as a signal that Samsung has committed itself to Qualcomm silicon at a minimum for the future half-decade of its flagship Galaxy smartphone generation.Digital Trends / Andy Zahn

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In the near future the future looks promising. Galaxy S23 buyers won’t have to bear that bitter Exynos pill — at the very least, most of them and not all buyers in each market. It will be fascinating to see what new features that the Snapdragon 8 Generation 2 processor that powers the Galaxy S23 will bring to the table. With that the capabilities of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 series chips, the future looks promising ahead for Galaxy S23 range when it comes out in the early part of next year.

Intriguing times with desperate moves

According to an article by the Korean news agency iNews24 the Dr. TM Roh, the chief the mobile unit of Samsung announced during a town hall discussion that the company would develop an entirely new line of custom processors that are exclusively designed for Galaxy smartphones. This is a smart move since it will allow Samsung to erase the negative reputation associated with Exynos as well as the recent GOS throttle issue.

The partnership with Qualcomm provides Samsung plenty of time to develop processors that do not suffer from the Exynos flaws. Samsung has the resources available in the world to accomplish that. Samsung’s collaboration in partnership with AMD to create strong GPUs that can be used in mobile devices is now public information.

Additionally, Samsung’s chip manufacturing capabilities aren’t weak neither. Samsung is the first company to launch manufacturing chips in mass quantities made using the new-generation 3 nanometer process. By doing this, Samsung left behind TSMC which is the main manufacturer of Apple’s M series chips to Mac and A-series processors for iPhones.

With Qualcomm as its partner, Samsung can offer top-notch Android flagships with no Exynos problems. While it’s at it Samsung can rest for a while and bring back an all-new smartphones. SoC powered by AMD’s expertise in graphics engines to exceed Qualcomm’s benchmark. Qualcomm benchmark and earn more money in the process.


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