WhatsApp Alert This message is crashing WhatsApp across the world including Pakistan. Being a WhatsApp user you must have received or will receive a message stating to click on message which apparently hang your WhatsApp. In recent days, Telugu script message is going viral on the messaging platform and have been cause to crashing WhatsApp.

Both android and iOS users are getting the message which consists of a “Telugu” text bomb. If you click on this bomb intestinally or unintentionally it will crash your WhatsApp app.

This message is usually sent as a forward message across WhatsApp which claimed to hang your app for some time. But, do not fall for it, as it does just not hang your messaging app but also crash your WhatsApp.

I also received such a message with black icon, as you can see in the image below the message reads, “If you touch the black point then your WhatsApp will hang.”

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If you will click on that black icon it will cause your WhatsApp to freeze or make it unresponsive. Well, you should know it’s not a trick as many WhatsApp users including my friends experienced WhatsApp crash after tapping on the black icon which they received in the message.

It is important to mention here that the main reason behind WhatsApp freezing is not the black dot but actual culprit is the blank space between the text and the black dot which is creating problem.

When we convert the message into HTML format, it reveals that the text consists of RLM (right-to-left mark) which is an unseen formatting character which is used to differentiate between left-to-right mark (LRM) and right-to-left mark (RLM).

On the other hand, WhatsApp doesn’t use RLM, infect it uses LRM. Therefore, the use of wrong directional formatting character is causing WhatsApp change the direction, which eventually leads the app to crash.

Did you also get such a forward message from your friends or family? If yes, then don’t fall for the prank, otherwise you will cause to crash your WhatsApp.


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