This month, three major privacy-focused improvements to WhatsApp were implemented by the team of Mark Zuckerberg. Disabled group exits for quiet groups, banning the use of screenshots in messages that are not being used and hiding the online status.

The latest feature is available to certain Android users.

According to WaBetaInfo according to WaBetaInfo, the Android Beta versions of WhatsApp along with will soon allow users to conceal your internet profile.

There is no date for the feature at present yet, however, the worldwide deployment will be following, as with every other experimental feature.

What can you do to test this feature?

In general, there’s an opportunity that a new feature won’t be integrated to the final version of WhatsApp in the first instance if it’s first seen within beta versions of WhatsApp beta Program.

It’s essential to have it set up with the “hide the status of your online account” option. We’ll eventually be notified of the update on our phones because Meta announced the update in a formal announcement.

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As the general introduction of this new feature to increase privacy within the messaging app will eventually be real, it’s interesting to look at what we’ve discovered in the beta, and to learn more about how it works.

Check out this screenshot by WaBetaInfo.

The options in the last looked at section will not alter. We can pick among “Everyone,” “My contacts and contacts, but not” as well as “Nobody,” in other terms.

However, a new option titled “Who can view me whenever I’m online” is coming soon. You also have the choice to select “Everyone” and “Same since last time”.

We are currently waiting for the WhatsApp feature, and also the other features currently in development.

However it’s a good idea for each iOS as well as Android users can sign up to this beta-testing program.

If you’d like to try the new features and participate in the development of the application. When you test new versions (it is not recommended to make use of your primary account for this case due to the risk that could result from).


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