WhatsApp Beta for Android v2.20.201.10 goes on to add always mute and more

WhatsApp Beta for Android v2.20.201.10

WhatsApp is known for its simplicity however, in the recent turn of events, the beta version with regards to the app is being updated with new features that happen to be inspired from other platforms. Just last week, we saw the company going on to implement a feature that it called “Expiring Media,” this being followed by “Catalogue Shortcut” and revamped call button as far as the case goes for business chats. And now, this week, the company has gone on to add an “Always Mute” option, new “Storage Usage” UI, and also, “Media Guidelines” in the build v2.20.201.10 for Android.

Always Mute

As far as the case goes for always mute – it is applicable in certain conversations where we don’t always need notifications. The longest duration which happens to be available at the moment in the stable builds is in fact one year – however, in the latest beta version, WhatsApp has actually gone on to add an “Always” option.

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Storage Usage UI

The latest WhatsApp Beta also goes on to bring a new “Storage Usage” UI – this time with more details than the previous view. At the very top, the page goes on to house a modern bar with usage information. Below that exists an option to clean up unnecessary files along with two rows of all the received files with support for sorting. Then there is also a list of conversations with their sizes being mentioned at the right side. This particular section also goes on to include a search bar at the top so as to give users the option of easily searching for the chats that they want.

Media Guidelines

Last but not least, the chat giant also adds “Media Guidelines” to WhatsApp for Android Beta v2.20.201.10 – much like on Instagram so as to help users align stickers as well as texts while editing images, videos and GIFs.


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