The good news for WhatsApp android users is here as finally one of the most awaited feature “Picture-in-Picture (PiP) video” has been rolled out. This same feature was launched for iOS users a while ago and now as promised by messaging app it is introduced in beta version 2.18.301 for Android users as well.

Now you can enjoy YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram videos while remaining in the app. Moreover, after tapping the play button, video will spread out at the top of the chat.

Well, although users are allowed to watch the video in the app while continuing your conversation on WhatsApp, but the feature does not work correctly at the moment. For instance, if you leave the chat, the video will stop.

The PiP mode is supposed to offer the facility to watch the video as you move through different chats and groups’ windows.

I think we don’t need to be worry about it as this feature is still in beta form. WhatsApp will not disappoint its users and with any luck, the users will have better and reliable experience after the update is officially released.

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It is important to mention here that you would not be able to watch Twitter videos and videos uploaded to WhatsApp through PiP feature. This feature support only YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook videos.

Moreover, the sender will have to wait a little to load the preview before typing the link, so the feature can work properly. if not, it wouldn’t work and only the link shows up.

How to install this new feature?

In order to get this new feature, you’ll have to update to version 2.18.301 on WhatsApp beta. If you don’t have beta version then you can install WhatsApp beta from here.

In case, you still don’t see the feature, then reinstall it. And, don’t forget to backup your chat history before reinstalling.

According to reports, PiP mode will work on phones with Android 4.4 KitKat and above. Further rumors suggest that this latest mode is also compatible with streamable videos; however, this is not confirmed yet.


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