WhatsApp brings new feature to more


Search engine giant Google has just recently gone on to announce that the WhatsApp chat transfer feature that happens to allow users to migrate their chat history from their iPhones to their Android devices will now be made available on “all Pixel smartphones.”

In accordance with what an official blog post had to say, the search engine giant is actually bringing the support for the highly requested chat migration feature for all of its Pixel devices. Moreover, the new feature will also be made available for all the new smartphones soon, those of whom will make their way with the aid of Android 12. For those of you who are unaware: Samsung smartphones were actually the very first to be on the receiving end of this particular feature, however, now, we can indeed expect a much better experience for anyone who is looking towards the prospect of moving from iOS to Android – as they won’t actually lose any of their messages or chats in the process.

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Google also ended up adding to this all by flaming that the process is very simple and would only require a USB Type C to lightning port in order to get started. One just has to connect both smartphones and will then be promoted while setting up a new Android device in order to scan a QR code which will then be displayed on the iPhone. Scanning this would end up launching WhatsApp on the Android handset and hence therefore start the process of transferring all the existing conversations, media and all related stuff to the new device.

This comes as a very welcome addition from WhatsApp because for years now, losing your chat history when migrating between iPhones and Android was indeed a major issue and was also deterrent for all those that were looking to make the switch from one ecosystem to the other.


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