WhatsApp chat roll out feature now

WhatsApp chat roll out feature now

WhatsApp is now in the process of rolling out its new chat transfer feature to a number of Samsung phones. Indeed this particular feature was first revealed back in the Galaxy Unpacked event which was held this year and would of course allow chat migration between iOS and Android devices.

The Super Follow feature on Twitter makes way and allows for users to charge a monthly subscription fee to followers to share exclusive subscriber-only content. As of now only user based in the US and Canada will making use of Twitter IOS version will actually be able to Super Follow some accounts however the company does in fact claim that it will be rolled out to users in other regions as well over the course of the coming weeks.

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As of right now, the popular social media platform only goes on to offer this particular feature to Samsung phones. Indeed it allows users to transfer their account information, profile pictures, personal and group chats, media and even settings from an iPhone to a Samsung device. In a recent blogpost which took the stage, the company actually proceeded on to announce that it seeks to expand this particular chat transfer feature by including more smartphones from the South Korean tech giant.

With that said then, any Samsung phone that happens to run version or indeed higher and also runs Android 10 or higher can end up making use of this WhatsApp Chat Transfer feature. Although the chat messaging app also actually ended up adding that it is working on to soon include other Android smartphones as well, we have to wait and see in that particular regards. On the other hand though, the users of iPhones only need WhatsApp iOS version or higher to make use of this feature. Rather notably, Samsung users would also need a USB Type C lightning port in order to make the transfer as it is in fact a local migration rather than having the data pass via the aid cloud – all in a bid to ensure privacy.


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