WhatsApp finally launches group video call feature on iOS and Android. Finally Facebook has fulfilled its promise by officially launching video call feature in WhatsApp on its iOS and Android applications. Soon after one on one video call feature launched back in 2016, the company started to work on adding group video call for its billions of users.

Although, the parent company Facebook announced that it will introduce group video call on WhatsApp and Instagram during the F8 conference held in May 2018. Instagram got the said feature in June while WhatsApp got it just now.

Just like Instagram, the group video call feature had a four-person limit (including the initial user) and the same rule applies for WhatsApp.

In order to make video call with more than 3 of your friends, follow these instructions:

  • Open one friend’s chat
  • Click on the Video Call icon
  • When the call starts, touch the “Add participants” icon
  • Select the people you want to add to the call ( 2 or 3)

That’s all; enjoy your group video call.

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According to WhatsApp, the calls are end-to-end encrypted; it means there are no chances of any hacking or data being interrupted etc. so, the company made its clear as it is really important considering the past privacy scandals WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook has been involved in.

The specific objective behind designing this feature was to capture more market and for low-tier networks, so that WhatsApp users can chat with your loved ones face to face even when you’re away from them or in a rural establishment etc. all you need is an internet connection, it’s that simple!

On the other hand, the restriction of calling four people at a time puts it against some gravely tough competition. For example, through iOS’ FaceTime, 32 people can make video call at the same time.

Well, apart from this face, WhatsApp is still an important mode of communication for people around the world (1.5 billion, according to stats revealed by Facebook’s team during the F8 conference).

In a nutshell, it’s good to see that finally WhatsApp added with a much-awaited feature even if it comes in late.

You have to update your app to the latest version,  to start enjoying this feature!


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