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WhatsApp Gold Virus?

Just a few days ago, many users complained of receiving messages on WhatsApp which encouraged the users to download a fake app. While many users got a message of such sorts for the very first time, this wasn’t actually the very first time that such a virus has occurred, because even back in 2016, such sort of a virus came to light.

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So what exactly is it? Well, the WhatsApp Gold Virus is a hoax, which goes on to encourage the users by trapping them into thinking that there is a secret update within WhatsApp, which would give the users enhanced features within the app, and it would further enhance their experience. However, while many have already found out that this isn’t actually the case, WhatsApp itself has gone on to confirm that no such thing exists, and that WhatsApp Gold is just a hoax.

WhatsApp Gold Virus?

If you have encountered such a message, then no need to be worried – since the message doesn’t actually have any malware link which is attached to it. However, everyone should still be careful of such a message, especially if they happen to encounter it at any point. Remember that any update to WhatsApp will be available to and from the Playstore itself and getting the update from another source can quite easily harm your device, if of course there is malware linked or attached.


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