WhatsApp has added a new security feature to Android users

WhatsApp is now blocking screenshots to the first time

WhatsApp features have been improved since 2022. However, WhatsApp has always been more advanced, be it the beginning of a series of never-before-seen messages, or hiding the last-viewed or news from an entire group. Its beta version WhatsApp Beta offers several features and can make life easier.

In addition to features such as hiding your last visible activity and limiting who can see your online activities, WhatsApp is restricting screenshots of images and videos. The chat group system was designed to protect everyone and secure.

The WhatsApp beta has announced a new feature through Google Play Beta to bring the version up to

The new version allows users to connect without worrying about their information. Beta testers are able to access the feature for the moment.

Mark Zuckerberg announced restrictions on screenshots in August , to safeguard users. He chose to use status on the internet and blocking of past participants.

WhatsApp is part of Meta. The app has to make use of Meta’s system. WhatsApp is blocking snaps and screen recordings. Beta testers running the latest Playstore version can use the latest version.

Third-party screenshots of your photos or videos will remain either black or blank on the screen.

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The administrator will be notified in the event that someone attempts to take a screen shot to check for security issues.

If someone who is not your friend tries to take a picture by using the extension to intrude on you privacy photo will be always black.

The user will be notified when someone attempts to take the image, and then is blocked to protect their privacy.

But only your device can read messages. By using subordinate mobile devices, an outsider can view the photos.

By default, photos or videos aren’t able to be taken screenshots after they’ve been viewed.

Videos and messages that have been viewed once aren’t able to be transmitted. However, you can record chat screenshots since the function only displays videos and images only once. WhatsApp is working to improve its reliability.

Enhancing features and ensuring safety for users is a long-term process. Screenshot blocking is currently accessible just to Beta testers.


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