WhatsApp has delayed update to Privacy and Terms by at least 3 months

WhatsApp to replace Archived chats with “Read Later”

For those that may not be aware, WhatsApp recently announced that they are about to update their terms and policy for end to end encryption and claimed that they would be importing users data to third party apps such as Facebook for business reasons. This news lit the social media world on fire and left many users of WhatsApp in utter shock. They were so angered by this news that many users started to shift towards other messengers such as Telegram or Signal.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy was originally set to be updated this February, but the company has delayed the deadline by at least three months following the public outburst by many users of the app. The updated privacy policy will now go in to effect on May 16th, by then WhatsApp believe that they will be able to clear up the misunderstanding that user’s private chat and call data will be imported to Facebook or other associated applications. 

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It should be noted that, Facebook and WhatsApp are desperately trying to clear up the misunderstanding by claiming that the application does not have access to private messages, calls, groups, location data, or contact lists. Folks at WhatsApp also continually remind users that all messages are and shall remain end-to-end encrypted. However, numerous media channels have highlighted that the new changes made to WhatsApp’s privacy policy and the broad language used in it which has caused major backlash all around the world. 

WhatsApp is a global app with millions of users worldwide as it is one of the most messaging apps in the world, so making such a mistake has caused a lot of problems for the company. This also resulted in a surge in sign-ups for alternative messaging apps such as the likes of Telegram and Signal.

Facebook executives and WhatsApp’s current head, Mr. Will Cathcart are constantly making their users aware of the misunderstanding by making posts on social media websites and apps to to clear up the situation, however, it seems that those efforts are going in vain. Facebook has a very poor track record when it comes to privacy and the fact that you can no longer choose between sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook or not has made the situation much worse.

WhatsApp has now announced that they are postponing the update to the privacy policy to May 16th so it can possibly clear up the miscommunication error and hope that users better understand what they plan to accomplish. 


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