Previously, it was reported that  WhatsApp, one of the most used and popular messaging platform in the world are in the works of developing a multiple device support feature for the one and the same account. Now a new report has surfaced which has suggested that the company are in the final stage for testing the new feature and as per a report from WabetaInfo, WhatsApp have started reached the final stage of development for the new feature which may well be useful to so many users. 

The messaging giant is working to bring support for up to 4 different devices which are able to run from a single WhatsApp account giving users freedom to access their WhatsApp from any device, anywhere and at any time. This feature can be considered to be really useful and may also benefit WhatsApp Web users, who will not have to rely on their primary phones to have an internet connection all the time.

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In addition, WhatsApp is also in the development phase of building a new UI for their desktop client, which will showcase how the chat history is migrated and that the process is end to end encrypted, so no one other than you will have access to that data. At the moment however, a few features of the new update are yet not ready but the company has rolled out the more important ones such as syncing various aspects chat history across multiple devices, muted chats, and even syncing starred/delivering messages among many other uses. 

It should however, be noted, that the feature is currently in Phase two of development which is beta testing and users can actually opt to try out the feature a bit early. The new feature has been dubbed as the “Linked Devices,” which allows users to link all  devices of their accounts to work without an internet connection on your primary smartphone or main driver. The feature is still under development and users can also choose to opt out of the beta testing. Keep in mind, that entering into the beta testing will have all previous linked sessions be terminated since they are built on the old/current stable system, so be vary of that before you take that step.


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