How message reactions will work on WhatsApp

WhatsApp message reactions

Back in August, there was speculation that message reactions will make their way to WhatsApp as a WhatsApp watcher actually reported that the feature will soon make its way to the IM app. The introduction of the feature would mean that users will be able to react to messages with an emoji, such as a thumbs-up.

There has now been an addition of even more information about the message reactions thanks to the previous source again, and it gives us a better idea as to how it will all work. For one, the tipster has gone on to confirm that these reactions will indeed be available for both groups chats as well as individual ones – reiterating the fact that it won’t be anonymous by any stretch of the imagination.

Interestingly enough, it has also been mentioned then that users will have the option to react to a message only once and that there will be six different emojis to choose from. So, for those who were expecting or hoping for a wide range of emojis or even custom reactions are likely to be disappointed.

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Users will also be able to view all the reactions to a message and will be able to filter them out via the aid of specific emojis.

Nonetheless, it is important to remember that there isn’t actually a release date for message reactions just yet, however, the leaker does claim that it is in development for both Android as well as iOS.

WhatsApp, over the course of the last past few months has been on the edge of adding more and more features to its app as it continues to maintain its lead as being the biggest web chatting app all across the globe. While there have been hiccups due to the privacy invasion concerns posed by many because of WhatsApp’s policy, it maintains its lead as being the most sought out way people text one another.


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