WhatsApp New Update will Come With a Restriction Which will Aim to Stop Fake News and Propaganda. Wellas many of us would know that fake news is growing in to a much larger concern as time flies on. Even after initiatives taken up by the various governments all over the globe and with people protesting on social media websites against these fake news messages, fake news manages to get to you no matter what anyone does to stop it, be it the government of a particular country or the developers of a particular social media oriented website or application.

Now,in a new update offered by WhatsApp, the Enterprise is attempting to some what control the flow of these so called “fake messages” by creating software which will only allow a particular user to forward his or her message to no more than 5 different people at a time. So what has caused the company to go through with a sudden change such as this?  Well we all know that there is innocent gossip as well, shared on such a platform, like the one you do with your friend regarding a mutually despised person which is fine by some measures at least, but then there is the kind which can take people out on roads, in an attempt to protest hate crimes or forgery which in turn causes havoc reeked with hatred!

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Moreover, after many such incidents of mob violence over cases such as child abduction or even a simple theft conducted In a country such as India, WhatsApp has henceforth decided to limit the ability of one person to circulate his message. It will accomplish this feature by preventing these particular users from circulating the posts to no more than five people or groups. It has also decided to remove the quick forward message button which is present right next to messages.

WhatsApp New Update will Come With a Restriction Which will Aim to Stop Fake News and Propaganda

Furthermoreaccording to website known as WABetaInfo, the new limit update will reach themillions all over the globe and this update implies that you can no longer senda message to more than 5 people at one time. Before this update came about,users were able to send up to 20 messages at one time amongst their variouscontacts or groups which enabled rumors or fake news to spread around quiteeasily. Now we know this update may be problematic for some users, but this newfeature has the capacity to save many lives if you think of it that way!


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