Whatsapp new update to record voice message more easily

Whatsapp new update to record voice message more easily
Whatsapp new update to record voice message more easily

Whatsapp is getting more popular as day by day it is on a quick ride to updates and new features.

Now, another feature introduced by WhatsApp is an update of a former one that WhatsApp already has in it. Well, the new update is about the Voice Recording feature. But now latest update makes it comparatively easy and trouble free for users to record their voice messages on WhatsApp.

Earlier, users would require holding the voice recording button for the whole duration of the recording.

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However, after launch of this update iOS users can record a message by just tapping and holding the mic button that will open a UI window and users will need to swipe in the upward direction to lock the recording in place.

Last day you have noticed the a down in Whatsapp as it had got out of order from its pattern by bringing two new features, the first one is about improvement in the voice recoding experience with ore easy approach.

Another one is about opening a YouTube video link without leaving the platform of WhatsApp(Instead of redirecting to YouTube now WhatsApp will pop-up a small floating window for playing the video at the same time you can still chat with your family and friends).

iOS users are the first one to have it on their screens and they can avail these updates as now these updates are available on  iOS.

However, Android users don’t get sad as these features will also be accessible on Android devices very soon.

It seems the aim of Facebook-owned app is to hit the minds and hearts of target users with latest and trendy features.

The messaging app is becoming the first choice for every internet user particularly in the case of developing countries like Pakistan where users get advantage from its free voice and video call through just internet connection.


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