WhatsApp now lets users share links for video calls

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Google Meet, Skype, Teams and Zoom are the first programs that come to mind when we are thinking about organizing a formal meeting. Have you ever thought about using WhatsApp to hold a formal gathering? Many people, I believe wouldn’t and the reasons for this are easy to understand. 1.) We utilize WhatsApp as a means to connect with people we value immediately. 2.) WhatsApp allows up to eight people participate in video calls which isn’t too numerous. 

Meta appears to be looking to include videoconferencing into its list of features it is able to do, and it’s adding one-tap sharing links to WhatsApp videos calls.

At first, WhatsApp was thrilled by the latest features offered by Telegram and tried to incorporate the entire set of features, but it appears it’s trying to copy the video-conferencing service that is stealing the spotlight. 

To this end, Zuckerberg announced that the company is testing an limit of 32 participants. In two days the company will begin disseminating call hyperlinks that can be shared easily with those who aren’t on your contact list. Participants can easily attend the conference using this link.

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Additionally the company hasn’t provided any other information about who will be able to access the connection or any restrictions that could be in place However, I believe that the functions are like those offered by Google Meet and therefore we are aware of how they’ll work.

It’s understandable Meta is looking to replicate their rivals However, I believe that Meta could have done this with its own distinct approach. However, we can observe that the ability to schedule video calls is an excellent aspect of this feature. 

We don’t make time to spend time with our loved ones because we’re too busy. This feature will help people to communicate with each with one.


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