WhatsApp rolls out payments


WhatsApp has finally gone on to rollout its payment platform in India. Now, users will have the option to use the Facebook-owner messing app to both send as well as receive money across the country.

Much similar to the services offered by Paytm, Walmart-owned Phone Pe, and also Google Pay, WhatsApp payments too will go on and use Unified Payment Interface (UPI) platform. The service now happens to be available on the very latest version of the iOS and Android app.

In order to send money via WhatsApp payments, the user will need to have a bank account as well as a debit card. WhatsApp sends instructions to banks to initiate the transfer of money between the specified accounts via the aid of UPI, and so when you happen to be setting up your WhatsApp payments account, you’ll actually be asked to verify your phone number – as a system generated SMS will actually be sent from your phone for linking your UPI ID to the service.

When you’re done with the process of setting up your account, you’ll actually be able to send money to your WhatsApp contacts or indeed to any other bank account that happens to have a UPI ID.

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As the current situation holds, WhatsApp is actually working with a large number of banks to facilitate such UPI payments. The messaging giant has more than 400 million users in India but in accordance with suggestions, it can only roll out payments in a grounded manner, proceeding on to start with a maximum user base of 20 million.

WhatsApp first started with the process of testing its payments service two years ago. With its wider rollout, the service will now have to compete with the likes of Google Pay as well as Phone Pe – both of whom control most of the UPI related transactions that occur.


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