It has been long reported that Facebook will one day soon introduce the concept of ads within its most popular messaging app in WhatsApp. In accordance with what the latest report from The Information claims, while the company is indeed looking to integrate the whole process within the messaging app, it has failed multiple times over the course of the last few months.

Whatsapp happens to be a free instant messaging service and is the most popular app for messaging – evidenced by the fact that it is used by billions of people around the world. Initially though, it did not start out at as free, as the app had a subscription fee – which was later reduced to a dollar a year as well as a free trial for a whole year that came with it. This though started to change once the company began with the process of canceling subscriptions for random regular users. Finally though, the app well and truly became free for all the existing as well as the new users in early 2016.

Between all this, social media giant Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a massive sum of $16 billion. Ever since then, there have been many theories on how the people down at Facebook make the best of their expensive acquisition. Such theories and speculation surrounding them became all the more intense once the app went down as completely free!

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In late 2018 though, there were some reports that emerged that claimed that Facebook was set to bring ads to Whatsapp. This followed by reports last year that claimed that the ability to integrate ads within the messaging app will only be introduced once all of Facebook’s messaging platforms including the likes of Instagram and Messenger are unified.

For now, while the reports continue to pop up here and there, no official news is present so as to suggest exactly what Facebook has in mind. Until then, we can only wait for more news.


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