WhatsApp unhappy has a user database of more than one billion people. That’s how reliant people are on WhatsApp and is the primary messaging service of a huge number of people. Despite this, every once in a while, users get bored of the somewhat few features of WhatsApp and move onto different more exciting app alternatives. To tackle that issue, WhatsApp updates the app every now and then just to keep people from moving to other platforms.

These efforts aren’t enough for some people who have found clones like WhatsApp plus and GB WhatsApp. The wide range of features offered by these clones surpass those provided by WhatsApp and therefore falls short of being the first choice for some people. But one of the biggest risks of using such modified WhatsApp clones is that users are at a safety hazard as the company cannot validate their security practices.


WhatsApp is very well aware of this situation and has finally decided to do something about it and some might think that this is a harsh step but desperate times call for desperate measures. WhatsApp to convince users of WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp to switch to the official app or face dire consequences. WhatsApp will start banning user accounts that are used on unofficial versions of the app.

“WhatsApp cares deeply about the safety of our users. To protect the privacy and security of their account, we strongly recommend users only download WhatsAppfrom official app stores or from our website. We are continuing to step up our enforcement against imposter WhatsApp services to help curb abuse and keep WhatsApp users safe,” said a WhatsApp spokesperson.

Here’s how one can switch to the official WhatsApp app in a few easy steps.

For GB WhatsApp users:

Step 1: To retrieve old chats, users must back up chat history on unofficial apps once the temporary ban is lifted. To do so, go to WhatsApp > Options > Chats > Backup chats.

Step 2: Go to phone settings, then storage, select files and find GB WhatsApp folder.

Step 3: Rename the select folder to “WhatsApp” by long pressing the icon.

Step 4: Download official WhatsApp from Play Store.

Step 5: Verify phone number with OTP and select Restore when prompted to backup chats.

Step 6: WhatsApp will retrieve your old data from unofficial app.

For WhatsApp Plus users:

Step 1: Download and install official WhatsApp from Play Store.

Step 2: Verify your phone number and restore all chats seamlessly.

Make sure users delete the unofficial apps or APKs from the phone in order to prevent any problems.


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