WhatsApp was very recently refreshed and gained an upgrade to its previous version so that now users can enjoy a new and better WhatsApp app. Upgraded to a 2.17.1 version, the iPhone app allows you to queue up messages to while you are offline, and send them when you are online again.

The WhatsApp storage management has also been a subject of redesigning, as you can now selectively delete specific media file types on a per-chat basis. “You can now tap the Send button on messages when you don’t have an Internet connection,” according to WhatsApp’s release notes. “Messages will be queued up and sent when your phone regains a connection.”

The redesigned storage screen allows you to have control over your phone’s storage space, by clearing particular messages, those of whom you do not want. These can vary between many types, including videos, photos, locations, etc, all from specific chats. Deleting this unwanted media can also allow you to have greater control WhatsApp iCloud backup, by making it much smaller.



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