WhatsApp users are unable to download videos and send voice messages

WhatsApp users are unable to download videos and send voice messages
WhatsApp users are unable to download videos and send voice messages

Well has been found that the popular messaging application WhatsApp is currently facing some technical difficulties as of the moment. It has been found that content shared on the popular messenger, content such as videos, pictures and other associated sharing items such as documents cannot be downloaded from the receiver end. The person who receives the said content is not able to download or save the content. Usually, most of us have the download content function on automatic, which means that any content which is shared between you and a particular person or group is automatically downloaded and saved in your gallery in a dedicated, WhatsApp pictures and WhatsApp videos folder, while those who do not have the function set on automatic can simply go on to the chat, click on the picture and manually download the said content.

However, the current problem being faced by Whatsapp users is that nor the pictures are being downloaded and saved in the dedicated folders and nor can you go to the conversation and manually download the said content, when you do go to manually download the content a message is displayed by the messenger which states that the picture cannot be downloaded, please check your connection. So one can say for a fact that the application is undergoing some issues and when it will be back on track is to be seen.

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Moving on, a new report has surfaced regarding the said issue which reports that Hackers have conducted a dedicated cybercrime strike in which they have targeted the popular application we all know and use, WhatsApp. According to the source, it is believed that users are unable to download any type of shared content on the WhatsApp messenger. Moreover, both the folks at WhatsApp and the Federal Investigation Agency(FIA) who are also in charge of any cybercrime activities have assured our sources that they will get to the bottom of this and will try to sort out things as soon as possible.  Furthermore, the intentions of the said hackers are still unclear and it is still unknown what the hackers are trying to achieve here but just to be on safe side it has been advised to users to not use the application for some time and if possible to even log out and delete the application on temporarily basis until the issue is resolved as usually the aim of the hackers is to gain Intel on users, to steal their personal data and to use it for miscellaneous crimes.

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It is also to be noted that currently, Lahore is the region which has had the most complaints regarding the matter, however, it is believed that other cities also have been affected, however so far according to the stats Lahore is the city on the radar. As of right now, there have been no complaints regarding stolen data or any other such activity, however, one can never be sure, so stay safe and try to do your best not to share any personal data until the issue is resolved.


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