WhatsApp using Touch ID or Face ID

WhatsApp using Touch ID or Face ID
WhatsApp using Touch ID or Face ID

For WhatsApp, the year 2018 seems to be the year of introducing the rides of new features. In order to improve and to make the app more user-friendly company has been launched many effective updates and the ride just not end here.  As, according to some reports WhatsApp’s upcoming update for iOS will allow users lock WhatsApp using Touch ID or Face ID. Isn’t interesting?

For now, the latest feature is just available in the alpha version of the app. The new ID system you will use, depends totally on the iPhone you have.

Therefore, once you activate the option for WhatsApp then you’ll have to recognize yourself every time you open the app. In case the biometric option is used unsuccessfully many times, the app will take and ask you to enter the passcode for your iPhone.

The objective to introduce this feature is offer more security and privacy for all those users who never want to share their data with others at any cost.

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Moreover, it will provide security to the users against any possible security breach. But, foe now we have no idea when this feature will roll out for iOS users. However, hopefully it will hit soon.

Silent and vacations mode for all users

According to claims of some previous reports WhatsApp is working on silent and vacations mode for all the Android and iOS users. Soon, WhatsApp for Android & iOS will catch the all-new vacation and silent modes with the option to link accounts.

On the other side, a few days back WhatsApp launched latest update for Android brought PIP mode for third-party Videos. Furthermore, the WhatsApp latest version is on track letting the users to download linked GIFsbefore sending them.


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