WhatsApp warns its users to not open this link

WhatsApp warns its users to not open this link

WHATSAPP strictly warns its users all across the world to avoid the link that is actually a scam which suggests the App can now be customised with a range of colors.

WhatsApp users are being urged not to click on the latest spam message which appealed the users by stating that now you can choose to customise the app.

The original message, initially spotted by Reddit user exist, says that “Now you can change your WhatsApp and leave it with your favorite color.”

At the time when you received this message on mobile phone, at the same time the app users are asked to forward the message to 12 friends to turn on and to validate the new custom color feature.

Upon completion of verification through cell phone once they ‘verified’ themselves, then they informed that WhatsApp’s colors can only be used via a desktop. To setup the process they are asked to install an extension named as “BlackWhats” from the Web Store of Chrome.

As a result, the whole process of the message and extension turn out to be fake and might end up with users installing vicious adware. It will not just infect your device but the devices of your 12 friends to whom you sent the links and shared this message.

This tale suggests it isn’t the primary case when WhatsApp users have been victims of scam messages.

In previous year a message was rolled out millions of times saying that, from today, “WhatsApp will become chargeable.”

The users then were asked to forward the message to at least 10 contacts. Which Stats the remark it is the only way to exempt the charges of the daily fee by Whatsapp.

WhatsApp warns its users to not open this link

With WhatsApp declaring the statement that it will forever stay free and this message was undoubtedly a way to fool the WhatsApp fans and users were advised not to share or forward it onto their friends.

How to avoid these types of scams?

WhatsApp advised its users to don’t interact with messages that instruct you to forward or share the message with your friends and family or so on

.And don’t open those ones which promise any rewards or which claim to be from the App itself.

“We always advise you to block the sender, disregard the message and delete it,” the company said.


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